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Juice Fast – 2014

All summer, I’d planned to do my annual juice fast, but things kept coming up…Chicky’s visit in June…my trip to Disney in July…feeling icky after we got back.


I could have just forgotten about it, but I really like the health benefits and trimmer figure I have when I’m finished.  I plan on jumping back into a stricter Daniel Fast eating regime when I’m finished with my fast.

The Mr. bought a few of my supplies yesterday, and I got to juicing.  First up was my apple/orange/pineapple juice.  Yum!

I cleaned up my juicer and prepared carrot juice…

Today, I headed to Sam’s Club to buy additional produce.  I’d been perusing my SuperJuiceMe app and had found some new recipes that I wanted to try.

$51 later, I was walking out of the store.  Sheesh, but this stuff adds up!!

I ran back to Publix to pick up a 25lb bag of carrots.  While I was there, I also bought beets.  Ugh.  Beets.  I do not like them, let me tell you, and I never ever made my children eat them.  One of the recipes called for it, though, and I’d read a lot of good things about this vegetable, so into my shopping cart they went…

The first new-to-me juice I made was a Ginger Shot.  I watched the video on my app because I had never used fresh ginger before and had no idea how to prepare it.  The juice was a fast one to make…

As you can probably surmise from the bottom right photo, I was not used to the strong ginger taste.  Wowsa!

The next drink I tried was the “Breath of Fresh Air.”  It was actually very good, even with the ginger.  The only ingredient missing was fresh mint.  I’ll make sure to buy some in the next few days.

So far, I’m feeling okay.  I had a headache all day, which I know is a sign of my body detoxing, and finally took Tylenol after reading that it was better than taking Excedrin (no caffeine in Tylenol).

My goal is to do two weeks, but I’d really like to stretch it to three this year.  We’ll see.  The Mr. isn’t keen on my fasts because he worries about me.  I feel so good when I’m on them that it’s hard to get off.  With the start of school next week, though, it’s going to be especially challenging to maintain, so we shall see if I make it to twenty one days.

One Response

  1. You are so awesome how you stick with it!!!!
    25 lbs of carrots! WHOOOO!!!!

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