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A Day for Dressing Up

Friday evening, when the Mr. came home from work, he asked me what I wanted to do.

I reminded him that he had planned to take me shopping…for a dress…for a wedding we had been invited to.

I thought shopping for a dress would be easy.  After all, I’d survived the dreaded bikini shopping excursion early in July.

Boy, was I wrong.

I’ll bet I tried on ten dresses.  I’d had no idea what to wear to an afternoon wedding, so I had Googled it.  I wanted something flowing…not white…and probably not black either.

I was willing, however, to try on anything.

I found one dress that I suspected I was going to like, BUT WE COULDN’T GET IT ZIPPED UP.




If you know me, you know that I have some serious body image issues.  I’m petite and used to wearing very small sizes, but I’ll be doggoned if I didn’t have to get a bigger dress size in that style.





The dressing room attendant easily zipped up the newer-sized dress, and I’ll admit that it felt good on…

You’ll notice that it was neither flowing nor a bright color.


We bought the dress with the idea that it will be perfect for the Thanksgiving cruise we’re going on with the entire family, courtesy of the in-laws.

The Mr. and I made a handsome couple, if I do say so myself, the next day after we’d finished getting ready and headed to the church…

He wouldn’t take a selfie with me before we left because he was afraid we were going to be late.

We wound up being the first people there besides the wedding party, so we sat outside in the car and waited for others to arrive.

We exude social graces.


Oh, the wedding, though.

One of Chicky’s friends from high school was finally marrying her dream guy.  We attend the same church with her family and have had the pleasure of watching this beautiful young lady grow ever more graceful over the last seven or eight years.

A slideshow played before the ceremony, and I could not stop the tears from flowing as pictures of the bride’s growing up years flashed across the screen.  I remember many, many times when she ran up to me and hugged my neck.  This young lady always smiles…her joy coming from deep within her soul.  It was a good thing I took kleenex!  I cannot even imagine how much her mom must have been crying!

When the bride entered, she looked stunning!  Her dress sparkled throughout the ceremony.  It reminded me of the dress Katniss (Hunger Games) wears when she’s being introduced before the games begin.

We headed to the reception afterward…a restaurant on the water…and it was like a love-fest as we saw the families of other young ladies Chicky had gone to school with.

This young lady, “J,” had been in the wedding.  She was one of Chicky’s close friends when we moved to Podunk, USA.  The girls played travel and high school soccer together, and we’ve attended the same church for years.  She gladly posed for a selfie with me…

I’m proud to say that we took J to her first Auburn game and taught her the Fight Song on the way…of which she sang INCESSANTLY the entire day.


She’s now a devoted Auburn fan.


Her parents were at the wedding, and it was Bev‘s idea to take a selfie to send to Chicky.

Too presh, as the younger generation would say.

The reception was a lot of fun, and I’ll admit to a few tears when I watched the bride dance with her father.  Her family is extremely close.

The bridal party later danced a choreographed routine to the song Happy.  It was priceless.

It seemed like only a short time before the bride and her prince headed to the pier, where they were whisked away on a small boat into, literally, the sunset.

We shared more laughter with our friends as we walked back to our cars to head home.

It was a fantastic day, and I am still brimming over with joy for the beautiful young lady who now has the proud title of “Wife.”

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