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A Little Bit of Progress

Is it really August 1st?

Yesterday, I went into my classroom to try to finish up some cleaning after picking up school supplies from Walmart and Office Depot…

My goal was to clean all of the tabletops as well as my desk so that next week, I can go in and tape my Kagan mats to the tables.  I have learned that the tape won’t stick if I don’t let the cleaning products disappear fully.  Weird, I know, but there’s something like a film that’s left after I clean tables.

I also got out my lamps and other things…paper clips, notebooks, etc. and started setting up some of my tables.  I was pleased and took a panoramic…

Click to view larger image

I’d purchased a new lamp from Walmart a couple of days before.  There was one corner of my room that wasn’t well lit when I turned off the lights for videos.  With that rectified, I took another panoramic photo…

Click to embiggen

The progress is slow, but I am pleased.  Once I have the physical space set up, I can focus on tweaking my syllabi and other first-week-of-school handouts.  I also need to begin lesson planning.  My goal is to have two weeks of lesson plans finished before I go for pre-planning.

It’s slow going, but since I’m working on my own volition, I’d consider the progress quite good.  Not being in a panic, as I’ve tended to do over the years, is refreshing and means I won’t be worn out completely when I have to settle down and do the hard thinking that’s required for my lessons.

One Response

  1. I still roam the school supplies’ aisles, and I’ve been out of the classroom 11 years. It’s hard to shake that behavior. Have fun preparing your classroom.

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