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The Plan

Hola Everyone!

Although I’ve been fairly quiet this summer, I know that I went on an even drier writing spell last week.  That’s because the Mr. and I went on vacation!  I’ll be posting more about that in days to come.

For tonight’s post, I thought I’d share a little plan that he and I have devised.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when we were eating out at Chilis.

We eat out often.  I just don’t cook much.  It’s in our budget, and it works well with our opposite eating styles.


We always eat in the bar area.  It’s first-come, first-serve seating in the booths and tables around the bar, and we like being able to watch the sports on the televisions in this area.

The last time we were there, we sat ourselves in a booth and began our regular conversation…”How was work, how many naps did you take today…”

Suddenly, we became aware of a conversation going on in the booth behind us.

We tried not to eavesdrop, but the ladies sitting there was very loud.

I’m just going to tell you that certain conversations belong in the privacy of a home…or some other private place.

I couldn’t help but feel badly for one of the girls who was obviously very upset as she described her breakup with a guy who had cheated on her.

The Mr. excused himself to go to the restroom.

That’s when I heard the upset girl say, “”I miss him being in my bed.”

Oh my goodness.

What a fine dining experience (rolling my eyes).

Tonight, we went back to Chilis and sat in a booth on the other side of the one in which the boyfriend-breakup venting had occurred.  I guess that must be a booth that is specially reserved for entertainment because it did not let us down.

Once again, the Mr. and I were engrossed in our own catching up when the conversation behind us crept in our awareness.

We heard it all, let me tell you…people going to liquor stores, more relationship problems, and gripes about a church not feeding, spiritually, the young lady despite her being very involved in the church and tithing (perhaps she needs to examine her personal relationship with the Lord????).  The woman then proceeded to give advice to a patron sitting behind her.  Yes, that really happened.

Oy vey!

All we wanted was to eat a dinner that someone else had prepared!  We really did try to mind our own business, but sometimes people are SO LOUD!!!!

We did chuckle and decided that we are going to concoct a great story, sit in one of those booths, and act it out for all to hear…just for comedic affect.

If you happen to be sitting behind us, we apologize in advance.

2 Responses

  1. Ahh yes, this has happened to me, too. Loud conversations on phones are also quite common in restaurants. It is uncomfortable to be anywhere near those sharing personal information so publicly.

  2. Ricky always gets on me because I’m one of those LOUD people 🙂 But hopefully my conversation isn’t full of that much drama…

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