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In Their Words – Part 4

More book advertisements from my students (click the pictures to embiggen)…

A compelling book by one of my favorite YA writers. The book is deep, let me tell you, but written quite cleverly and with a wit that will make you chuckle throughout. I’m going to do this as a Read Aloud this coming school year. The vocabulary, in places, is advanced, so I’ll tie in lessons as well. This student, as you can see, enjoyed it immensely!

Another popular book with my students. It is written in prose form, which appeals to many teenagers. The book, from what I’ve heard from my students, is gritty and raw.

This is a book that my male students gravitate toward. Two of my students did their book advertisements about it.

This is the second book advertisement for this book. What I love is the picture of the main character, whose hair was vividly described and constantly referred to in the books. The student who created this project flew through the series!

The third book advertisement for this novel. I love how each project depicted different items. Take a look at the oxygen canister…so pivotal in the book!!! This novel never stayed on the bookshelf!

Students rave about this book, even though many have read it by the time they get to high school. I simply must add it to my list!

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