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In Their Words – Part 2

This is Part 2 in a series of posts dedicated to the book advertisements my students made as their final project.

This student is a friend’s son. She requested that he be in my class…not a little bit of pressure on me to have him do well. 🙂 He was a joy to teach, and his taste in books was eclectic and spoke of an old soul. He ASKED me to buy the North and the South trilogy. I’d read these books when I was a teenager, so I was happy to oblige. Everything on this poster meant something, as he explained to the class…even the line across the middle of the paper, which symbolized the division that existed between the main characters, best friends, in the book as well as the citizens of the country. He used different colors to represent each side as well. The class adored this student and his quirky humor (his pants actually split during a tornado drill, and he LAUGHED it off instead of getting embarrassed).

Harry Potter made an appearance this year. One of my boys had read his way through half of the series by the time June arrived.

Bone is a graphic novel series that one of my students could not put down the last month of school. I frequently found him reading instead of doing his work. It was a great problem to have!

Legend was a series that was popular with the boys. I recently finished reading it after this young man insisted, for months, that I give it a go. It was similar to the Divergent series but with more likeable characters…softer in nature. The third book proved a satisfying end to the series.

This student read one Jay Asher book and was hooked. This is a favorite of mine simply because of the concept…being able to see into your future (two teenagers install America Online, log in, and are taken to their Facebook profiles…ten years before Facebook is invented). The student was drawn to the question of what you would do if you learned what your future held.

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