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In Their Words – Part 1

Over the course of the next few posts, I will be sharing the book advertisements that my students created.

The final project I assigned them required that they create book advertisements for favorite books they had read during the year.

They had to list the main characters, draw pictures of them and a setting (I did not take points away based on artistic ability), and write summaries, without giving away the ending.

I explained that I would be displaying these around the classroom so other students could use them to make decisions about what to read.

It’s one thing for me to put a book in front of a student who is having a difficult time settling on something to read.  Students quickly caught on to the fact that I love just about every book I read.  Seeing a book being recommended from a peer’s perspective was more up their alley, as I had witnessed first-hand when I saw students in class talking up books that their classmates later read.

The final exam was comprised of presentations of these book advertisements to the class.  We displayed the posters under the document camera, and students talked in front of the Smartboard.  We grilled them afterward.  They were graded according to a presentation rubric.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  They really do speak of my students’ love for reading, and I feel like a proud Mama showing them off to you!  Please click on each picture to enlarge it.

This student got to attend a book signing with John Green!!! I was completely jealous when I found out!!!

I read this series because of this young lady! We had a debate about the yucky movie of the same title (she liked it, and I did not).

This young lady fell in love with Jennifer Brown’s books after reading Hate List. She had a difficult time deciding which book to do her project on but finally decided on A Thousand Words. She got a few other girls in the class to read it too!

The young lady who read this could not put it down! She had fought silent reading time all year…until she began reading this book. I frequently had to ask her to stop reading it while I was providing instruction to the class. It moved her beyond words, and I ordered the second book for her after she asked. For a non-reader, this was a huge milestone!

Another Jennifer Brown book. The student who read it talked about how she had gotten out of an abusive relationship. This led to a class discussion about teenage dating violence. It was eye-opening for me.

One Response

  1. What a great job they did! I just read “The Fault In Our Stars” after YS recommended it to me (he has a copy). He doesn’t read much, so when he recommends a book I know it’s good! How heart-wrenching for the student that is familiar with the abuse.

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