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  • “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers” — Isaac Asimov

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My 2,000th Post!!

This is post #2,000.

Can you believe it?

I would have hit this milestone sooner, but I’ve been a bit absent from my blog lately.

Blame my job.

Blame the knitting.

Oh heck.  Blame fatigue.

I blog in my head but don’t make it to the computer to type out my thoughts.

But here I am, 2,000 posts later, still writing about my life.

I first posted on November 20, 2007 when my family was in San Diego for one of Chicky’s soccer tournaments.

I was stuck in the hotel room, writing two papers for my college classes.  You might remember that I attended Troy University’s distance learning classes.

I’d also just gotten my Ravelry invitation and had seen a spot for “Website or blog” on my profile page.

I gave it about five minutes thought, quickly decided to use WordPress, and, 2,000 posts later, here I am!

I chuckle at my closing remarks from that post, “Hopefully, I’ll have interesting things to post in the future!”

Interesting things…


My life is just one interesting event after another, it would seem.

I’ve blogged about my pets, about my children, and about soccer.

I’ve shared a lot of how-to’s, from juicing, to felting, to fixing a lawnmower carburetor.

You’ve seen my many knitting projects, shopping souvenirs, and vacation photos.

Shetland Triangle Lace Shawl

During the last seven years, I’ve traveled to the Caribbean, Alaska, and many states in between.

St. Martin

Hubbard Glacier

Las Vegas

In 2,000 posts, you’ve witnessed my struggles as I’ve endeavored to get Chicky and Rooster through middle school, high school, and college.

I’ve lost four pets (two rats, a rabbit, and my beloved Aubie).

Both children have left home, and one has come back.

I’ve gotten my college diploma, faced the angst of beginning a new career, and worked through two additional certification programs.

You’ve read about these first four years of my teaching career…my many struggles, self-doubt, and victories.

2,000 posts is a long time!

I’ve said goodbye to several friends and a beloved family member (RIP, Mama Dot).

You’ve been privvy to my failures and my triumphs…the ebb and flow that is my life.

I thank you for your many comments and your endless support…your patience when my words sometimes didn’t come out the way I heard them in my head.

I am so grateful for the many friends I’ve made through my blog…several close friends that I am privileged to know more through Facebook and text messaging!  You know who you are!

Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me…a world where I can return to my reflections and see areas of personal growth.

Blogging has allowed me to tell my stories, honing my writing skills in the process.  (I’m quick to admit that Neal Shusterman and Stephen King are safe from my writing prowess taking over the world.)

Thank you, my readers, for traveling this road with me.  You make me realize that I don’t have to walk alone, despite being the shy gal that I am.

We’re doing life together, and this blog is the fabric for recording that story.

3 Responses


  2. I’ve enjoyed your posts, your knitting, your trips, and your classroom struggles and victories. I look forward to the next 2,000 posts!

  3. Congrats on 2000 posts and all you other accomplishments in these past years of blogging!

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