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You Have Questions? I Have Answers

Today, I am giving a test.

When you teach, you can expect questions…especially before the test has “officially” started.

You can try to anticipate every single question a student might pose, but in the end, there will ALWAYS be questions.

This usually happens because students ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION while you are giving instructions the first time.

This also happens because students DO NOT PAY ATTENTION to the carefully typed out instructions posted on the SMARTBOARD!!!


It is one of the most aggravating parts of teaching.

One would think that high school students would have fewer questions.

Let me address that fallacy.


I cannot even imagine administering a test to an elementary student…which is why I am better off teaching high school.

Today, instead of answering questions the normal way, I have decided to do the following…

Yes, I realize that you are probably cringing right now.

It’s okay.  I would be too if I was reading this on YOUR blog.

Just the thought of a 44 year old woman doing interpretive dance…in the middle of a classroom…sends shivers down my spine.

Oh wait.

I am that woman.


Please consider this a warning that if you suddenly see “AuburnChick’s Interpretive Dancing” trending on social media, it will be me, trying to make a point.

I suspect that my teenagers will need to have eye surgery to remove the images burned into their brains.

I doubt that So You Think You Can Dance will be calling.

One Response

  1. Ah yes, the endless barrage of questions!

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