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Ready As We’ll Ever Be

Dear Students,

Today marks the beginning of FCAT testing for most of you.

For the last nine months, we have been honing the skills that you will use to answer two-days worth of reading comprehension questions.

I have worked 60-80 hour weeks preparing lessons.

You have worked through each task I’ve placed before you…sometimes willingly…sometimes a bit hesitantly.

Throughout the year, I have watched you go from students who deplored silent reading time to students who beg me to give you more time.

You have become students who, at first, could not find a book to read to students who recommend books to each other AND me!  You’ve even teared up when you have finished reading your beloved books.

Those are the signs that you have become book lovers.  May this love for reading never leave you.

Fluency was once a chore, but thanks to the research I’ve thrown in, it’s been a fun exercise.  You’ve learned a lot of extra vocabulary and bits of random facts that you previously didn’t know.

We can now call that “prior knowledge.”  It will be a resource that will prove quite useful, I promise.

You’ve gone from being students who had never heard the word meta-cognition to students use that term in daily conversations.

This is another skill that will assist you over the next two weeks.

As the months have passed, you’ve evolved from being students who shrugged their shoulders when asked to justify answers to students who actively assist each other, explaining your selections before I even ask.

I rather doubt that there will be a lot of “guessing” on the BIG test.

I want you to know that I have been praying for you.

More than anything, I have prayed that you would walk into your respective testing rooms with confidence.

You ARE ready.

You WILL succeed.

You will prove to yourselves that you ARE gifted young men and women, able to master the challenges placed before you.

I’m very proud of you and BELIEVE in the success that you are about to experience.


Mrs. AuburnChick

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