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“What’s Wrong With You, Mrs. AuburnChick?”

During 7th period on Wednesday, one of my students asked, “What’s wrong with you, Mrs. AuburnChick?”

I was sitting in my rolling chair in front of the class…very uncharacteristic of me.

I had not been feeling well for three days…suffering from an ongoing stomachache.

Thus, I thought my student was referring to my not feeling well.

He clarified by saying, “You’re being so relaxed and not doing anything to be annoying.”



What he meant was that I had been “chill” this week instead of spazzing out because of FCAT next week.

I told him that I felt that, with the exception of the figurative language unit we were finishing up this week, I had probably prepared my classes as much as I could for FCAT given the time allotted.  I also told him I saw no reason to stress everyone out by being all crazy.

He nodded his head in understanding.

My motto has always been to keep on with a regular routine the week before FCAT.

We have been reviewing our skills but in a low-key manner…one big passage and question a day using the results of the most recent Discovery Education progress monitoring test students took before Spring Break.  I pulled the questions most of my students had missed and have been helping my kids work through them to understand why they missed the questions the first time.

Very low-key.

I really enjoy these conversations with my students because they reveal how much my students notice the big and little things and how much they appreciate a relaxed classroom (and a relaxed teacher).

My students see me being reflective as well.  They know I am open to their viewpoints, even when I don’t necessarily agree with them.

Good stuff.

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