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Showering in the Hodgepodge

I am loving Joyce’s Spring-y theme this week!  As always, these questions got me thinking…a good thing every now and then!  Thanks for visiting and playing along on your own blog!

1.  April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. When did you last ‘shower’ attention on someone or have attention ‘showered’ on you? Did you love it, or did all that attention make you squirm?

I shower attention on my students near about every day!!!  They need it!  My family showered attention on me a couple of weeks ago for my birthday.  I like extra attention like gifts and warm wishes when done in private.  I do not like it in public, such as when the kids got a singer in a restaurant we went to to serenade me.  The man was very sweet, but I was mortified.  I just don’t like to be the center of attention!  Strange given my profession, where I’m in front of a classroom of students each day!  Of course, they are kind of required to listen and aren’t there to sing to me!

2.  Share a favorite ‘spring break’ memory. Not talking about just the ‘college spring break’ thing, but any favorite spring break memory you’d like to share. Keep it family friendly please!

Although I went to the beach during my high school Spring Breaks, I couldn’t tell you anything more specific than that because they weren’t uber-special.  Fun, yes, but nothing stands out in my mind.  I am a homebody, and I prefer lying low when school is out.  Ever since my children started school, I decided that we would stay home for a staycation.  The break from traveling and having to be somewhere at a certain time was wonderful and relaxing.  Now that my children have grown up and I teach, I still stay home.  I love Spring Break!

3.  It’s National Pecan Month…are you a fan? If so, what’s your favorite dish that calls for pecans?

I grew up in Alabama, and we had pecan trees in our backyard.  I don’t know of many Southerners who don’t like pecans!!  I make Caramel Pecan Bars, vegan-friendly of course, and they are divine!!!

4.  ‘Put all your eggs in one basket’, ‘egg on your face’, ‘rotten egg’, ‘walk on eggshells’, or ‘a good egg’…which egg-spression could most recently be applied to your own life?

I’d like to think that I’m a good egg.  I do my best to live out my faith in Jesus.  I am not perfect, of this I am fully aware; however, it is my prayer that people see more good than bad when all is said and done.  Any good they might see is a reflection of God’s grace and forgiveness.  I am nothing without Him.

5.  In my experience students should not get wisdom teeth removed midway through FCAT week.

(Typed after learning that one of my students has been scheduled to have her wisdom teeth taken out next Tuesday, and my advice has fallen on deaf ears.  I’m freaked out and ticked off.  That’s all I need to say.)

6.  What’s a  favorite song with the word rain in its title or lyrics?

I love Michael W. Smith.  The lyrics he pens are thought-provoking and speak of God’s love and grace.  His song, Healing Rain, is beautiful and talks about God’s forgiveness washing away our hurts and sins.

Healing rain is coming down
It’s coming nearer to this old town
Rich and poor, weak and strong
It’s bringing mercy, it won’t be long

Healing rain is coming down
It’s coming closer to the lost and found
Tears of joy, and tears of shame
Are washed forever in Jesus’ name

Healing rain, it comes with fire
So let it fall and take us higher
Healing rain, I’m not afraid
To be washed in Heaven’s rain

Lift your heads, let us return
To the mercy seat where time began
And in your eyes, I see the pain
Come soak this dry heart with healing rain

And only You, the Son of man
Can take a leper and let him stand
So lift your hands, they can be held
By someone greater, the great I Am

Healing rain, it comes with fire
So let it fall and take us higher
Healing rain, I’m not afraid
To be washed in Heaven’s rain

To be washed in Heaven’s rain…

Healing rain is falling down
Healing rain is falling down
I’m not afraid
I’m not afraid…

7.  What does the word hope mean to you?

Dictionary.com defines hope as, “to believe, desire, or trust.”  (My students would be so proud that I’m citing my source!).

Hope is believing in things unseen and trusting that God will answer in the way that best fits His purpose.

When I saw the verse below, I thought about the injustice I faced at the end of last school year and how God’s resolution literally shut injustice’s mouth.

I quickly found the following on BibleGateway.com:  “So the poor have hope, and injustice shuts its mouth.” (Job 5:15-17)

God is my protector and my defender.  I place my hope in Him for all of my needs.

8.  My Random Thought

I spent last weekend watching the third season of Downton Abbey.

I watched that season’s finale before going to bed on Sunday night.

Three words.




I needed kleenex.

I didn’t sleep well.

I had dreams about what happened.

I asked, “Why?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????”

I’ll begin watching Season 4 this weekend.

No spoilers please, as I have given none in case YOU haven’t seen this show yet.

But you must.

This is truly one of the most wonderful shows out there.

Except when they do things like what they did in Season 3’s finale.


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