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I Have a Little Problem

I have a little problem that I thought I’d share here.

This problem has been in the works for several months now.

It all started when my first box of books arrived.

You see, I had been observing my students…listening to my students’ comments about the types of books they liked.

It wasn’t long before THE PROBLEM happened.

My students were reading…

Without me asking them to…

And asking for more reading time.

They were reading after the timer went off, signaling an end to independent reading time.

As the months have passed, the problem has gotten worse.

Students are reading when they are supposed to be doing bellwork.

They are reading instead of listening to my carefully-prepared lessons.

They are hiding books under the paperwork they are supposed to be completing.

They are leaning over their chairs, gripping their stomachs in feigned sickness, all the while reading the books they have crammed into their laps.

Oh, and the problem is even worse than that.

My students are talking even more in class…

About the books they are secretively reading.

They are making threats too.

Threats against me…

Threats to reveal twists in the plots of the books I am planning on reading during summer vacation.

And they are laughing in demonic voices as I implore (vocabulary word from yesterday’s reading) them to keep their secrets to themselves.

Do you want to know the VERY, VERY worst problem of all?

Instead of buying more bling for myself, I am buying the above offenders MORE books, thus encouraging the problem to continue.

The newest batch of books…newly arrived as of yesterday afternoon…


Honestly, I don’t know what to do!

I guess I’ll just have to let this problem time out on its own…as in June 6th…the last day of school.

What a WONDERFUL problem to have!!!!

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