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He Melted My Heart

Rooster had to work all day yesterday, so he wasn’t able to be with me much on my birthday.

He didn’t get home until almost 9:30pm.

That didn’t stop him from giving me a hug and wishing me a sweet “Happy Birthday.”

He asked me to close my eyes so he could give me a gift.

I was surprised because he doesn’t have much money, college student that he is.

He prefaced the gift giving by explaining that he couldn’t find exactly what he’d wanted to give me.  Then, he laid something in my hand.

Here’s what I saw when I opened my eyes…

That’s when he told me that he’d been unable to find an Amazon gift card at Walmart.

He also said that he expressly wanted me to use this money to buy books.

He’s seen the many, many packages that have been delivered to the house over the last few months…all filled with books for my classroom.

He knows that I work really hard to foster my students’ love for reading.

His gift and thoughtfulness melted my heart.

He reached into his own pockets (no borrowing from Daddy) to give me a gift that would keep on giving.

Rooster is such a sweet young man.  You can see his kindness in his tender heart, and he always makes me feel loved on my birthday.

I am blessed.

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