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Why a Man Should Never Go Purse Shopping With a Woman

Oh, Spring Break, how I love thee!

With my lesson plans finished for the first two weeks after we come back from Spring Break, I felt free.

Thus, it was without any guilt whatsoever, that the Mr. and I headed out for a day of shopping on Saturday.

We ate lunch at our favorite, vegan-friendly, pizza place.  We enjoyed people-watching while we waited for our pizzas to be prepared.

I bought a couple of items at a boutique at the beach’s mall…

For the record, those two items are not meant to be worn together.  Even I know that.  I was too lazy to take separate pictures.

I went to Ulta and treated myself to OPI Muppet polish for my tootsies…$3.50 coupon in hand.

On the way home, we stopped at Kohl’s.  The Mr. had a 20% coupon…a rare thing because all we usually get are 15% coupons.

We shopped with a vengeance.

As we looked around, the Mr. asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  It’s at the end of the month, and he, wise that he can be at times, was thinking ahead.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted…

Until I spied the purse section.

That’s when I remembered that I was in desperate need of a new one.  The purse my sister had given me two Christmases ago had straps that were nearly torn in half.

I’m rough on purses.

So, we started looking.






A man can go into a store to look for a new billfold and be out in twenty minutes happy as can be.

Women are completely different.

We need certain colors.

We want a certain number of pockets inside.

We look for roominess and wonder if the wallets we currently have are going to fit well.

We might look for short, thick straps that hang snugly over our shoulders, or we might prefer long straps that allow a purse to dangle.

Or, we might want both.

Most of the purses were 50% off, so price wasn’t really an issue.

Now, the Mr. is very opinionated.

He loves shopping more than I do.




I would eyeball a purse, and he’d give me a reason why I shouldn’t get it.

“The colors won’t be good all year.  You’ll need another one in the Fall.”

Yeah, that wasn’t the brightest comment.

“That’s too big.  You don’t need a suitcase.”

Yes, I do, because I have, like a bajillion things I might need in case of an emergency.

“You probably have 142 pens in your purse.  Get rid of them.”

Um…guilty?  I am, after all, a teacher.  Wanna make something of it?

Back and forth we went.

I kept going back to one particular purse.

Was it simple enough to pick it up and walk to the register?

Not with the Mr.

You see, there were three different styles of the purse…all different sizes.

So, I stood, pulled out the paper from each purse, and examined each one closely.

One purse wasn’t long enough to set my wallet inside.

“Turn the wallet on its end,” said the Mr.

Um, nooooo.  If a wallet is supposed to sit on its end, it will be short and square, not long and rectangular.

At one point, I looked at the Mr. and said, “This is why a man should never go shopping with a woman for a purse.”

I went on to tell him that this was a blog post in the making.


In the end, I got the purse I first laid eyes on…suitcase that it is…in the Spring colors that had grabbed my attention…

Here are the rest of the goodies purchased yesterday…

New pajamas!

I went back today and got the next thing…a dress I’d tried on yesterday but that the Mr. didn’t really like.  I bought it anyway…after asking a couple of friends for their opinions…

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