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When a Student Breaks Up With a Book

Last week, one of my students experienced an emotionally distressing situation.

He had to break up with a book.

He had quickly fallen in love with her.

He had nurtured his love affair, meeting each daily rendezvous with anticipation.

He became more invested in the relationship with each page he turned…each word he read.

He couldn’t contain his feelings but made them known to everyone around him.

When he turned the final page and closed the back cover last Friday, it was with great sadness.

He held the book tenderly, refusing to part ways.

He wasn’t ready to say goodbye…just could not accept that the relationship had run its course.

He refused, at first, to look for a new relationship, feeling as though he would be cheating on his first true love.

I introduced him to a number of eligible partners, but he bucked.

Nobody could hold a candle to his former love.

My heart went out to him, even as I assured him that he would find love again, if only he was willing to open up his heart.

He’s giving it a valiant go, but I fear he’ll never be the same.

It is said that time heals all hurts.

We shall see.

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