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Hold the Cheese, Please!

Yesterday evening, Rooster and I had one thing on our minds…


The Mr. was working late, so it was up to us to fend for ourselves.

I did what all good mothers do.

I called and placed a to-go order at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

I always get two bean burritos but substitute the cheese sauce for enchilada sauce.  Not only am I vegan, but I am lactose-intolerant.

Rooster requested plain chicken and cheese nachos.

The gentleman who took my order repeated it back to me.  Everything was set to go.

I arrived at the restaurant, asked about Rooster’s order to ensure that my wishes had been adhered to, and made my way home…eager to dig in.

Take a look what I found when I opened my meal…

Do you see the cheese?

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

I was also angry.

Very much so.

This is a restaurant I frequent often.

They know me.

They know my order.

I can tell you how much it costs before and after tax.

I quickly called them up and explained what had happened…IN VERY FIRM WORDS.

I was ticked off royally and vented, explaining to the gal that I knew she was just the person who’d answered the phone (actually, she was also the one who gave me my order, so in reality, she should have checked it).

She knew I was mad.

I told her that I did not want to go back right then because 1) I was tired and 2) I was about to jump in the shower.

She offered to replace my meal the next time I go back…even mentioning how she knows me but still didn’t check my order.



I meekly agreed to get a replacement meal on my way home from work the next day, but now that I’ve had time to think about it, I’m going to ask for my money back…sans the meal.

I jumped into the shower with tears flowing down my face…heartily disappointed.

I didn’t have dinner.

It sucked.

I feel as though I am constantly sending dishes back to the kitchen because SOMEBODY DOESN’T PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I’VE TOLD THEM.

How hard is it to write my order down or, if you’re the cook, READ the order?

If you’re the person picking up the order to deliver it to my table, shouldn’t you CHECK THE ORDER?

Last week, the Mr. and I visited our local Bennigans.

I was thrilled because I’d called ahead to make sure that the veggie burger didn’t have an egg binder…that it truly was vegan-friendly.  It was, so we traipsed to the mall.

I ordered STEAMED broccoli…strictly requesting that it NOT be cooked in butter because of my ALLERGY TO MILK.

Guess what I got?

I got an order of steamed broccoli with PARMESAN CHEESE!


The server was mortified when I called her to my table.

That order should never have even made it to my table!!

Here’s the deal, folks.

If a person asks you to hold the cheese, white sauce, or butter, ACQUIESCE to the request.

Most of the time, it’s because there is an allergy that the person HASN’T CHOSEN to have to live with.

How would you like to be stuck in the bathroom for hours while your body tries to get rid of the stuff that’s been put in without the owner’s knowing it?

How would you like to have to call in sick because SOMEBODY FAILED TO DOUBLE-CHECK AN ORDER?

Been there and done that, which is one reason why I went totally vegan.

That’s the reality of my life.

My Mexican restaurant has lost a fan.  It’s too bad.  I don’t trust them any more.

In fact, I’m going to have to buckle down and stick with what I know…plain and simple home-cooked meals.

I’m really very tired of having a spotlight shine on me nearly every time I go out to eat…all because of something I cannot help…all because someone can’t see fit to hold the cheese.

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  1. I have gone through these sort of things all too often. Its so frustrating!!!!

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