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Dear Fourth Period

Dear Fourth Period,

I want to tell you thank you for how awesome you have been all year.

You are the class that has been observed often.

You are the class that Mrs. T filmed so she could finish up the requirements for CRISS certification.

You kindly acquiesced when we were observed for Kagan.

When Mr. Principal came into the class in December, you worked your magic.

Then, last week, you showed how amazing you are by turning on the charm and dazzling him once again during our final observation.

Although you are a talkative group and prone to get a little rowdy, we have a strong bond that is based on respect and trust.

You’ve worried me every time during the first 45-minute block when you’ve talked my ears off; however, you’ve always promised to come through during the second, most critical block when the observers made their appearances, and sure enough, true to your word, you focused and did what I have always known you could do…conducted yourselves as students who are eager to learn.

You have more than earned the S’mores Cupcakes I baked from scratch yesterday.  No boxed mix or Sam’s cupcakes for you!

I hope you enjoy the extra surprise I baked…Chocolate Cocoa Brownies.

All year, you’ve been curious about my vegan lifestyle, and I am making it my mission to teach you a thing or two about healthy eating…that being vegan doesn’t mean I eat grass…that being vegan means I can eat tasty treats.

As I watch you gobble down your hard-earned reward, I am thankful, and I don’t mind the nasty cut I got while cleaning the kitchen after my afternoon of baking…

As you eat the cupcakes and brownies, I hope you’ll consider what you accomplished each time you were observed.  You proved what you are capable of.

Though one of you said that, “It was all an act,” I don’t believe it.  I think that what you did came from somewhere deep in your heart.

You do want to learn.

You enjoy being in charge of your learning, as evidenced by how the class led last Wednesday’s lesson after simple instructions from me, your Fearless Leader.

You enjoyed how you were in the center of everything and I was a blip on the periphery, gently guiding without getting in the way of your exploratory, hands-on learning.

Thank you for helping me to grow this year as an educator.  I’m slowly learning to take a step back into more of a facilitator role, and that is because of what I’ve seen through the various observations we’ve gone through together.

Enjoy the treats.

Stay focused.

We have four more instructional weeks until FCAT.

Love you to pieces!

Mrs. AuburnChick



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