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Mardi Gras Hodgepodge

Looks like Joyce might have partying on her mind!  Me thinks she ought to be down in Louisiana enjoying some warm weather along with the holiday, eh?  Poor dear has had bucket loads of snow for, like, forever.  I love her explanation of how she comes up with questions for this weekly bit of fun we partake of, don’t you?  Thanks again, Joyce, for hosting each week!

1.  The expression ‘mad as a March hare’ originated with a fictional character who is distracted and frantic. When were you last ‘mad as a March hare’ and what was it that made you that way?

Although I get annoyed with my students, I’m usually not angry with them.  I guess I’d have to say that the last time I got mad as a March hare was last June as school was ending.  You might remember that I blogged about an incident that both hurt and angered me…to the point where I had to have someone come into my classroom so I could step outside and take a breather.  I spent the rest of the summer putting my head and heart back together after that, but God was merciful…the great healer…and He showed me things in my life that He needed to change through that experience.

2.  Mardi Gras this year falls on Tuesday, March 4th. Have you ever been to Mardi Gras, and if so what did you think? If not, do you have any interest in going?  Purple, green, and gold are the colors of Mardi Gras. Which one is most prevalent in your wardrobe? How about in your home?

I have never been to Mardi Gras, although I have been to New Orleans a few times for soccer-related events.  New Orleans has a lovely yarn store, if you’re interested in something besides women who bear their boobs for a bunch of beaded necklaces.  heehee

Of the three Mardi Gras colors listed, I think I’d have to say that green is the most prevalent in my closet.  I love army green shirts and wear them with my khaki pants a lot.  My home is a hodgepodge in and of itself.  I don’t have a color scheme.

3.  Are you old fashioned?

Yes, yes, yes!  I am proud of it too!!!!

4.  Do you carefully plan your vacations, or do you prefer the days to be more spontaneous?

We don’t go on vacations much.  The last one we went on was an Alaskan cruise with the in-laws.  They did all of the planning.  I was trying to finish my alternative teacher certification program and turned in my last assignment a couple of days before we left.  Planning is just not my forte after having to do it for work.  Every.  Single.  Day.

5.  March is National Sauce Month…what’s your favorite sauce, and what do you most often top with this sauce?

My favorite sauce is hot sauce.  I will eat it on just about anything.  I craved it when I was pregnant with Chicky and have loved it ever since.

6.  What’s something that easily brings a tear to your eye?

Every time I think of Aubie, my sweet girl who passed away early last May, I tear up.  Her picture pops up on my computer wallpaper at work, and I tear up.  Students who had me as a teacher last year and are in my class again this year mention her, and I tear up.  They saw me the day after she passed away and know how much it traumatized me.  I’m tearing up as I type this.  She was the most amazing fur baby a human could ever ask for, and I doubt I’ll ever fully get over her loss.

The final picture I took of her the day she passed away. My heart still grieves.

7.  If you could own any sports team, which one would it be and why?

You mean I get to be wealthy enough to own a sports team?  Woo hoo!  I think I’d own the Jeff Gordon/Jimmy Johnson NASCAR teams (they come as a pair…sort-of).  If I owned this company, I’d be able to go to all of the NASCAR races, be track side, and rub elbows with the people I currently have to watch from home.

8.  My Random Thought

I sure would appreciate your prayers today.  My principal is coming into my room for my second observation of the year…the last one.  He has assured me that he has confidence in me and isn’t worried.  That’s easy for him to say because all he has to do is watch and record his thoughts.

I have such wonderful students who are intelligent and have sweet souls.  I want to showcase their abilities, not mine.  I want my principal to hear them talk in a way that reflects the higher-order thinking skills I’ve been teaching them all year.

It’s a nerve-racking time for all teachers in my district as we begin fitting together the final pieces of the evaluation puzzle.

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