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Once Upon a Monday

Once upon a Monday, a teacher was ready to tear out her hair.

Oh, how she questioned the wisdom of choosing her profession as she watched her students struggle through the day.

They argued with each other.

They argued with her.

They refused to follow instructions.  Some students blatantly ignored the verbal and posted instructions, even asking, “Now, what are we supposed to be doing?”

Things were so bad that she left her room during lunch and took a stroll outside to get some fresh air and gain perspective from one of her mentors.

Although this teacher deeply desired to place the blame on her students, she knew that she set the tone for her classroom and that she, in fact, was probably the person most responsible for the day’s failings.

When she got home, she busied herself with domestic duties.

As she ironed the clothes she’d selected for the rest of the week, she mentally worked through the issues that had besot her during the previous eight hours.

As she cooked dinner for her guys, she began to formulate a new recipe for her classroom…one in which the flavors would complement each other.

Some of the ingredients for the revamped recipe include a heart-to-heart chat with the youngster who needs a second chance, a new seating arrangement for one class that will create harmony instead of discord, more class-building brain breaks that will foster acceptance of students’ differences, and the willingness to postpone part of the planned instruction that there’s simply no time for during each class period this week.

Once upon a Monday, this teacher tried to look at the silver linings.

  • She’s been blessed with wonderful classes this year.
  • She’s in her fourth year of teaching and hasn’t cried too many times.
  • She loves the connections she is making with most of the students and is determined to win over those who stubbornly refuse to yield.
  • She has a lot of hair, so a few pieces torn out here and there won’t result in a completely bald head.

Yes, there were setbacks; however, this teacher knows that Tuesday is another day…the opportunity for a fresh start…the chance to fix the things that are broken.

Once upon a time, this teacher was reminded that though each day presents new challenges, she feels blessed to do what she does.

One Response

  1. Hang in there and accept there will be days like this.

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