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As Tired as this Picture

What a week.

Oh, it wasn’t bad, mind you.

It was simply a week…the first full one where we actually attended for five straight days in a row.

I’m beat…more so because I know my lesson plans, while shaping up nicely, still aren’t finished for next week, nor is my grading.

I spent a glorious two hours (yes, I did use the correct adjective) with my mentor after school methodically picking apart my student-created rubric plans, and I gained a lot of clarity.  I think my students will be very happy when I present a revamped lesson plan next week.

Still, I am worn slap out and feel like Molly looks in this picture…

I think I’ll sit on the couch and knit for a while and watch the Olympics Opening Ceremonies, which I DVR’d so I could attend my students’ basketball game…

Tomorrow, I plan on sleeping in.

Don’t call me.



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