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Mani/Pedi for the Pooch

On Saturday, I drove Pele to Petsmart to get a mani/pedi.

He was a bit apprehensive during the drive…

Those are worry lines around his eyes.

He whined most of the way too.  Poor dear.  I really should take him for rides more often, except that his hair gets everywhere, and his breath is stinky.

He’s a rather large dog with poor walking manners.  Taking him anywhere is a huge pain in my behind.

When we got to the store, he was quite obnoxious…making me look like a pet owner who doesn’t know how to control her animal.

He piped down once the ladies in the back got a hold of him.  Once they got to working on him, he looked, for just a moment, like he was actually enjoying himself…

“Take that, Mama. You’re not the only one who can get pampered.”

What the picture didn’t capture was him pulling his paw back over and over again…to the point where a second lady had to help hold him.

He’s the biggest wuss of a man dog I’ve ever seen.

His nails are rather thick, so this was a somewhat time-consuming chore but one that the sweet ladies did well.

Pele was thrilled when it was finally time to leave, and he practically pranced out of there.

I’m going to do this once a month so his quick will shrink down a bit (thus rending the techs able to cut his nails shorter).  Hopefully, he’ll become accustomed to the routine.

3 Responses

  1. Our dog, Bella, HATES getting her nails clipped. She shakes like a leaf on a tree! Not sure if we’ll ever get her to conquer her fear.

  2. I love Pet Smart!!!

  3. Our vet trims ours when she’s in for her check-ups. I’m afraid to even try to do it myself.

    He may be a pain, but he’s a cutie! 🙂

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