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The Wedding Dress – A Book Review

When I got home from work yesterday afternoon, I had a game plan for what I wanted to accomplish.

It wasn’t going to be grading, and it wasn’t going to be cleaning the house.

I wanted to finish reading a book I’d recently started, The Wedding Dress, by Rachel Hauck.

After reading an endless assortment of dystopian young adult books, the break from that genre was a welcome one.

This book quickly drew me in, let me tell you.

It grabbed hold of my heart, and I.






It was all I could do to teach on Friday because I wanted to keep reading it!

Conveniently, my students read between 20 and 25 minutes, silently, each day.

I’m supposed to set a good example by reading too (I don’t most days because I’m busy meeting with them one-on-one).

So, like a good teacher, I read while my first and second classes read.

I read through my lunch break.

Sixth period came, and I rolled my chair to the front of the room, propped up my feet on my tall stool, and read.  I’m sure I was quite the sight…knit socks propped up.

My students, at first, giggled before settling down to their own books.

Thus, when I got home, I was two-thirds of the way through the book.





I had to find out if Charlotte would come to her senses about Tim.

I had to find out if the mystery man clad in purple really was.

I was drawn in by Emily’s desire to conform to her family’s expectations yet stay true to the convictions that resided within her heart.

The addition of two other women, Hillary and Mary Grace, added even more sentimentality and heartache to the mix.

Oh word, but as I traveled back and forth between the here-and-now and 1912, I literally wanted to jump inside the book.

All of these emotions ran through me as I tried to discover the mystery of the wedding gown that linked everyone together.

It was truly a wonderful read that found me both joyful and sad when it ended.

THIS is good reading, my friends.

I’d originally spied the book on a shelf in a bookstore several months ago.

Later, I’d read a review about it somewhere online.

I finally got around to purchasing my own copy, and I am so glad!

It’s a book that I’m proud to recommend to my high school girls.

They need to know what true love looks like…how to wait for it while staying true to a moral compass.

If you haven’t read it, I strongly urge you to.  It’s a magical story that will capture your heart as it did mine.

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