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I Never Realized

I never realized, until this week, just how much stress I’ve been under the last hmmm hmmm years.

I’m thinking my level of stress really began in 2006 when started taking online classes, through Troy University, to finish up my bachelor’s degree.  It took me about a year and a half to reach my goal.

I had a brief reprieve from classes, homework, and tests before things started up again after I began teaching.

That first year, I went through the EPI program (alternative teacher certification).  I completed nine classes in just over six months.  Two of them were Masters level classes…all while teaching five grades.

There was always something to do, and I never had down-time.

After fining a job in the public school system, I began the arduous task of more classes…New Teacher Orientation, Reading Endorsement, and ESOL Endorsement.

Even when I finished lesson planning, I still had those classes lurking in the back of my mind.

The stress paralyzed me, rendering me unable to grocery shop or cook very often.

Fatigue was my constant companion.

I recently finished up my last ESOL class, but the reality of what I was getting in return, besides another endorsement to add to my teaching certificate, still eluded me…

Until this week.

I found myself at the grocery store TWO times…

With the cookbook.

I made dinner three nights…




Yes, I spent several hours tweaking my lesson plans, shifting them once when we were notified of our snow day and again when we had another snow day added.

Still, though, once those plans were made, including two tests, I felt myself RELAX.

Did I have more that I could do?


A teacher’s work isn’t done until we lock our doors for the summer.  Well, that’s only a pause as most of us participate in professional development during the summer.

Ok…a teacher’s work isn’t done until retirement.


The stress of always having another class to do for homework for…an assignment that is waiting approval (and the fear of having to redo it)…that’s GONE.

It was exhausting!

I had NO IDEA!

At least until this week.

I feel liberated, like I can finally enjoy it.

I am hopeful that as I learn how to manage my time better and get my lesson planning finished before each weekend, I can finally say that teaching is getting a little easier.

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