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Why I Attend Sports Events at School

A typical Friday for me includes working from 7:30 until 3…rushing home to visit with Rooster and the dogs…and then rushing back to school for a few hours so I can cheer on my students as they participate in their various athletic events.

Because I had children who played sports most of their lives, I can appreciate the hard work that goes into these extracurricular activities.

Yesterday, during my first class, one of my students, who is on the JV basketball team, asked, “Mrs. AuburnChick, are you coming to the game tonight?”

It was going to be a big one…against the cross-town rival.

“Of course,” I said.

He smiled.

He’s a charming young man who has been a handful this year.

The stories I could tell…

I genuinely like him, though, despite his attempts to get his schedule changed so he wouldn’t have to be in my class.

For the record, I once overheard him tell another student that I wasn’t all that bad…that sometimes, I just get on his nerves.



I asked my student, “What is it about my going to the games that makes you happy?”

He replied, “Because I know you’re there cheering me on.”




How in the world can your heart not melt when a teenager says something like that?

He and I have come a long way from the first of the year.

I told him early on that I would go to his games, but it wasn’t until he actually saw me…more than once…at away games even…that he believed me…that he trusted me.

Are there evenings when I just want to curl up in my pj’s and knit or zone out in front of the television?


I’d be lying if I said otherwise.

However, the smiles…the acknowledgements…the nods of acceptance and appreciation I get from all of my students…cheerleaders and players…makes it all worthwhile.

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