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Violet Waffles Hat

A quick post to show you what I kept myself busy doing on Sunday (as opposed to the lesson planning that should have been happening…which is why I’m posting this at 11:48pm on Monday evening…please I procrastinated).

This was my response to the current Quidditch challenge on my Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry.

We were challenged to select one pattern from an approved list and knit it as quickly as possible…hence the name of the challenge…Speed Matters.  The quicker a person finished, the more points awarded.

I finished this in eight hours…potty and meal breaks notwithstanding.  I received the full forty points for finishing within one day.

I was able to use yarn I purchased on my Vegas trip in 2008.  I blogged about that here.  It was my first yarn shopping excursion to “real” yarn stores, and I’ve been a bit of a yarn snob ever since.

The yarn, Cash Vero, now discontinued (gee, I feel old) was a DREAM to knit with.  It was a mix of merino wool and cashmere.

Oh yeah…the hat is warm.

And now I better get back to lesson planning.

Yes…at midnight.

Thankfully, Tuesday is a teacher work day…sans students.  Still, I want to get up and have my Smartboard file finished so I can spend Tuesday making new seating arrangements and working on next week’s lesson plans.  My Saturday is going to be busy, and I’m learning to get these plans done earlier so I can have some time to be a non-teacher on the weekends.

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