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A Force to be Reckoned With

It’s Wednesday already?  Wow!  It’s been a very interesting week.  Yesterday, a power transformer caught fire a few streets away from my school and knocked out power for the surrounding area.  My school was affected; the power went out at 8:30.  As a result, we dismissed students at 10:50, and teachers got to go home at 1.  I had a lovely afternoon and went to the grocery store…a rare thing these days…and prepared dinner for the guys and myself.  I also knit up a quick project.  Mid-term exams begin today, so things should be even more interesting with students missing much-needed review time yesterday.

Anyhoo…we probably should get to Joyce’s fun questions, eh?

1.  Are you a force to be reckoned with? In what way?

I can be a force to be reckoned with if you’re messing with my children or my students.  I’ve also been known to throw my 105 lbs around when someone isn’t willing to take my coupons in the store.  Don’t mess with the petite girl!

2.  What are two things you love about the wintertime? Or, if love feels like too strong a word, what are two things you ‘like’ about winter?

I do not like cold weather…except for the fact that I can wear my knitted socks…

I also like to wear my knit hats and scarves…

3.  Pomegranate, kumquat, persimmon, kiwi, and guava are all fruits said to have health benefits, particularly during the winter months. Do you have a favorite on the list? Are there any on the list you haven’t tried?

I’m not a fan of any of those listed, although I can tolerate kiwi if need be.

4.  I passed a local church yesterday and noticed they had this on their outdoor sign- ‘When all else fails, do the right thing.‘ Your thoughts?

I think that doing the right thing should be the first thing you do, not the last thing, as the sign seemed to imply.

5.  Do you ski? According to one list I’ve seen, the top 5 ski destinations for 2014 are-St. Anton Austria, Whistler Canada, Cortina Italy, Tahoe USA, and Zermatt Switzerland.  Of the five listed, which would you most like to visit? We can make skiing optional if that helps the non-skiers with their answer.

I’ve never been skiing.  I do remember asking for a pair when I was a lot younger and actually receiving them for Christmas; however, my mom broke up with her fiancee and made me leave the skis at his house when we moved out, so I never got to use them.  It’s funny and sad that I can remember that day like it was but a moment ago.

6.  What’s the last thing you looked for online? (Besides my blog!)

I last looked for a knitting pattern online last night.  I mistakenly thought that I only had until 9pm to knit a project for a Quidditch match on my Harry Potter knitting forum (bear with my nerdiness), so I scrambled, let me tell you.  I wound up knitting the preemie hat you see in the next picture.  After I’ve made more items, I will donate them to a charity.  By the way, the deadline is actually tonight.  Go figure.  Obviously, I got the project in on time.  LOL!

7.  What saying, slogan, quote, or motto have you seen lately that inspires you for the new year?

Maybe I’m lame, but I don’t really buy into sayings, slogans, or mottos.  I usually skip the ones that people post on social media.  I just feel as though they sound empty when a bajillion people share the same thing over and over.

Anyone sensing a Scrooge in January?

8.  My Random Thought

A few weeks ago, when I was paying bills, I did something really neat.

I made my final EPI loan payment  EPI is the alternative education certification program I went through from January 2011 through July 2011.  I did my coursework through a local college and had to take out a loan to pay for it.  Even though I wasn’t required to pay anything until next year, I went ahead and payed $100 each month.

I received the following email a couple of days ago, which thrilled me to no end!  I can’t wait until I see the same type of message after I’ve paid off my HUGE student loan for my BS degree.  That one’s going to take a little longer.

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