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Am I Done Yet?

Today is Saturday.

I should have slept in and allowed the sound of the rain to permeate my dreams.

Instead, Gambit got me up at 8:30 with his whining.  Rooster had slept at a friend’s house, and Gambit needs someone to sleep in with each day.

So, I had mercy on the poor fur baby, got up, and began working.

First, I graded my students’ Text Connections sheets.  After entering their grades online, I sent my weekly update email to parents along with progress reports.

I should have been done working, but I had another goal.

You see, this past Monday, my fifth ESOL class, Testing and Evaluation, opened up.

I would have begun working on assignments that day, but I was busy setting up the week with my students and catching up on work that had stacked up the two days I was off before Christmas break.

As such, it was Wednesday before I began classwork.

The first night, I completed two assignments.  My instructor was fabulous and had graded them by the next morning.

On Thursday, I completed two more assignments.

By the time Friday rolled around, all of my assignments thus far had been graded, and I planned on doing another two after I got home from watching my students play basketball.

I was only able to complete one and a half assignments because my eyes were so tired that I couldn’t focus.

As a result, when I got out of bed this morning, I was on a mission…to finish the sixth assignment I’d started last night and then work my way through the seventh and eighth ones.

Meanwhile, I discovered that the fifth and sixth assignments had gotten approved!  I had fully expected to get those kicked back to me because they had been a little tricky.  The Mr., awake by that time, scoffed at my insecurities.

My grand plan had become ambitious…finish the ten-week course on Sunday.  Suddenly, I became ever more the overachiever.  I decided that I wanted to finish the coursework today.

The rain provided a calming backdrop as I plodded through each page of reading and put my analyzing skills to use.

I scored a 100 on assignment number nine, an easy quiz that my previous Reading Endorsement training had prepared me for.

It was time to begin working on the final assignment.

Oh, I thought I was being quite the smart one and almost misread the instructions.  I caught myself before submitting work that only had one out of the five answers completed.

Meanwhile, Barbara called me.  We were going to visit a friend whose mom was admitted to the hospital last night.  We grabbed one of my coolers and made our way to Walmart to fill it with drinks and snacks.  After visiting with our friend in the ICU waiting room and dropping off the goodies, we left.

She dropped me back off at home, I finished working on the assignment and then turned it in.

I figured I’d have to wait a day or two to find out of they had been approved.

Five minutes later, the following came through my email…

Do you see those dates?  They are proof of how much time I had to complete the class.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have finished so quickly!

I think I have finished all required coursework for this certification and have sent an email to the person in charge of it to find out if I’m correct.

Teachers of ESOL students are only required to take one ESOL class per year until the program is finished.

I began last February.  Less than one year later, I think I’m finished.

If so, all I need to do is complete paperwork to have ESOL added to my teaching certificate.

I immediately texted Barbara, and her response was, “Imagine that – teaching with no extra classes!”  She went on to say, “You will think you’ve died and gone to heaven!”

Yes, Barbara, you are so correct!

I’ve been taking classes almost continuously since 2006, when I returned to college to finish my degree.

It would seem that I’ve become a life-long learner in the truest and most literal sense.

If I can be honest (well, heck, even if I can’t because this is my blog, and I do what I want here), I’m more than happy to remove the pencil from behind my ear, delete the Beacon icon from my shortcut bar, and enjoy a bit of fresh air.

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  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

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