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Back in the Saddle

Oh, the joys of Christmas Break…

No lesson planning and no grading…

No stressing over vocabulary, author’s purpose, or figurative language.

Unfortunately, my time of being lazy came to an abrupt end yesterday when I began the arduous task of preparing next week’s lessons.

I was really wishing for a hard freeze, which would surely send the Education Powers That Be scrambling to cancel school.

We’re not used to temperatures below the 60’s.

While I prayed for a miracle to happen, I reluctantly started working.

It took a while for my brain cells to get moving.  Though I had intended to have this task completed the first week of vacation, I chose, instead, to focus my attention on Chicky and our time together.

I’m getting a little better at that…putting family before my teaching tasks.  I have found that I must do this sometimes to maintain what little bit of sanity I have left.

I began working at 2pm and did not close my SmartBoard and Word files until 11pm.

I accomplished a lot during those nine hours, managing to create my Semester Exam, a review for it, a writing assignment, and lesson plans, with their accompanying SmartBoard files, for nearly two weeks.

I hate being such a slow thinker.

I’m not even sure that I like my plans all that much, but I feel as though I can adjust now that the skeleton has been laid out.

That’s what teaching is, after all…a series of instant adjustments that no amount of planning can prepare for.

It’s always difficult to jump back in the saddle…more so for me after knowing what it’s like to be a stay-at-home mom all those years.

I do it for my students, as well as my itsy bitsy paycheck, which I am immensely grateful for.

I also do it because I know that this is what the Lord has called me to, and living out His purpose for my life, while not always easy, is an act of obedience and gratefulness for all He has done for me.

One Response

  1. They’re calling for snow here, so I may get at least another day of break! (fingers crossed!)
    Good for you for putting family first…Family ALWAYS comes first! 🙂

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