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Domino Effect

Yesterday, I intended to grade two classes’ worth of essays.

I really did.

I got sidetracked, however, by a wee little task.

You see, for Christmas, Santa promised Rooster that he could get a new phone on the date of eligibility.

That day was yesterday.

Rooster’s previous phone, an iPhone 4s, had seen much better days.  It looked okay…no cracks or scratches…but the power button was difficult to depress, and the phone shut down regularly.

A year and a half ago, I had purchased the Buy Back option on all of our phones, and boy did that pay off!  Rooster got $140 for his phone.

In addition, we were given a credit for the remaining five months of the protection plan I’d purchased.

The phone he wanted, the HTC One, was on sale for $49.99.

We were banking some money, let me tell you.

Actually, what we were doing was using the difference to pay for a new protection plan.

After a couple of hours, we were finished, and we walked out…a big smile on Rooster’s face.

I got home and had to take a break to eat lunch.  All of that buying makes a girl tired, you know.

All the while, I was thinking about another phone…the iPhone 5s, which I’d learned was on sale through Saturday.

Uh huh.

I started doing math.

Yes, that was smoke you may have seen in the air.


I couldn’t stand not having a new phone, so off I went.

The Mr. tagged along, on the fence about getting a phone himself.  He wanted the new Galaxy phone, but we had already discovered that it had gone back to its regular price.  The Mr. had missed the sale price, and he was not happy.

I opted for the 32gb because I am fancy like that.

Plus, I’d used over 12gb on my previous phone.  Everyone knows that phones already use a lot of memory just for running things, so in reality, I was almost at my limit.

I needed that extra space.

Uh huh.

I went through the same spiel as before…got a credit for trading in my phone along with money back for my protection plan.  I came out good still, and I was happy.

The phone is thinner and taller, so I have an extra row on the screen for apps.

What I really like is the speed.  It is lightening fast!  I am a big multi-tasker, so this is very important to me.

The Mr., by this time, was not about to be left behind.  He decided to cough up the money for the phone.  He was in for a pleasant surprise when the sales guy casually mentioned that the phone was on sale for $80!  The Mr. practically did the happy dance right on the spot!  He made a boatload with his trade-in and the lower cost of his new phone.

We went home happy campers.

Lest you think that Chicky had been left out of the fun…she hadn’t!

She had gone to Best Buy shortly before we had but had returned home after having to wait a long time.

She went back (magically able to drive with that recovering knee), and cashed in on the same deal I got.  We were going to give her the phone for her birthday, but she only had to pay $5 out of pocket, so we figured that would be a mighty cheap present…never mind that I still pay her cell phone bill.

This is probably going to change soon.


I’ll tell you what, I see why our nation is in the financial straits that it’s in.

It’s all because of the Domino Effect…the one that won’t allow people to sit tight and watch others have fun buying things.

We played right into the American Way and made one store very happy in the process.

Truth be told, four people will be dreaming happy phone dreams tonight.

Ahhh…the fun of the holidays!

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