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Christmas Is…

What is Christmas to you?

Is it a holiday in which a man in a red suit delivers presents to boys and girls?

It is a time of “good feelings” when people do nice things for each other?

It never fails to amaze me how many people celebrate via cultural traditions with scarcely a nod toward the ONLY reason for the holiday.

Christmas is a time of remembering the One who came down from heaven, in human form, to grow up among the people He had created.

He came to be with us, a world composed of people condemned to die because of sin, so that He could pay the ultimate price…be the final sacrifice for sin.

Christmas is a time of receiving…not giving.

We receive God’s gift to the world…Himself.

If you take away the man-made traditions, that’s all that is left…God and His selfless love for us.

I pray that we (me included) never fail to remember what Christmas really is about.

I hope you enjoy the day with loved ones.  Merry Christmas!

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