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Conversations With My Students

Oh the joy of teaching teenagers.

One would think they would be easier that elementary students.

At least mine don’t throw rocks at me, eh, Chicky?


The conversations are the best, though.

Take, for instance, yesterday during my last class.

The kids were taking notes on persuasive rhetoric (because I am an overachieving teacher and throw big words out at them…words like Ethos, Pathos, and Logos).

All of sudden, one of my boys who is probably one of the most random young men I’ve ever met, asked, “Mrs. Auburnchick, did you have friends when you were in high school?”


He went on to say, “I bet you were emo.”

Um, yeah.

It’s probably at this point when you’re starting to worry about me, eh?

If you must ask, I tend to be a bit energetic.

I am not ADD.

I promise.

If I am, it’s because my friend, Barb, gave it to me.

But emo…no way.

The only times I’ve cried in front of my students are when Chicky called to tell me her ACL was torn and when the Mr.’s grandmother had passed away.

I am human, after all.


I was taken aback and assured the young man (after I tried to get us back on track) that I was friends with many people from high school on Facebook.

So there.


One of my girls came to my defense by saying, “I bet she stayed away from drama.”



Teenage female…high school…drama.

Whatever you want to believe, honey.

Still another young lady piped up and said, “I bet she was reading all of the time.”


And the winner is student #4!!!!!!!!!!!

I assure you that I tried…desperately…to keep my students focused on the most interesting of topics…persuasive writing.

No, I did not answer my students’ questions and looked at them with THAT look that meant I was frustrated.

We did get through our notes, but I was worn out afterwards.

How many more days until Christmas vacation?


How many days until retirement?!

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