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Yesterday afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the ringtone assigned for Chicky, indicating that she was calling me.

Of course, I will admit that I, at first, thought she needed something.

She is, after all, a young adult who has been supported by Yours Truly for the last 21+ years of her life.

But no…she was calling just to chat.

:::And the internet world pauses a moment…shocked into silence:::

I was thrilled, and we had a lovely conversation.

She didn’t need one single thing.

Not money.

Not soccer shoes to be mailed.


As we chatted, the conversation went from an update on her teaching (she has a very challenging group but is making it through each day), my gandpuppy, Cali, and her upcoming graduation.

Then, she gave me some news.

News that made my heart jump for joy.

Are you ready?




CHICKY GOT CABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:::And the internet world goes silent in shock that this would actually be the subject of a blog post:::

Hey!  What can I say?  I’ve gotta write about what’s important, and let me just tell you that having cable to watch while I’m nursing her back to health after her knee surgery is VERY IMPORTANT!!

I mean…

How else am I going to keep up with Days of Our Lives, Survivor, and The Blacklist.

I mean…sure, I could hunt for the episodes online, but that’s not near as much fun as watching them REAL TIME and not having to avoid social media for fear of spoilers.

Plus, DOOL episodes don’t become available online until the day after they are aired.

I’m expected to be patient?


Chicky laughed when I fist-pumped (she couldn’t see that, of course) and exclaimed loudly in triumph.

She even got a DVR, so I can record shows while I’m there!!!

I can just see us now…snuggled together on the couch…her brain all mushy because of the rad pain meds she’s going to be taking (knee surgery really bites, let me tell you)…Cali snuggled between us…

Watching Food Network…Cupcake Wars and whatever else strikes our fancy.

I’m telling you…it’s all about the priorities…

…staying down south for a while, taking care of my girl, cable television cranking out its mind-numbing stuff in the background.

If only I could remove the surgery bit from the picture, I’d say the priorities are a-okay!

3 Responses

  1. This just made me smile! You bet…it IS all about priorities! 😉 Be sure to stop over today and enter my giveaway for a Christmas banner!

  2. haha!! I’d cry if something happened to my DVR! 🙂

  3. This made me smile!

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