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This is Where I Run To

On Friday, after all of my students in one of my classes had finished the test I’d administered, we were taking it easy.  Students were working on their essays, and I was entering grades.

One of my girls walked over and told someone that she’s working on bringing up her grades.

I asked her how she planned on doing that, and she said that she was going to go to class more often.

I smiled and told her that was a good place to start.

Then, I told her that I’d noticed that she always came to my class and asked why that was when she was skipping other classes fairly regularly.

She said something that touched me and broke my heart at the same time.

She said, “This is where I run to.”

I looked up in surprise and asked her to clarify.

She said, “This is my safe place.”

I then asked her what made her feel safe, and she said, “I can talk to you about anything.”

Oh my word!

This precious child, who has shared, in her writing, some very traumatic experiences, chooses to come to MY class because she knows that I care about her.

She also knows I am tough, and that I will hold her accountable, as evidenced by a couple of write-ups I’ve done on her.

However, I have also shown her grace, asking administrators to go easy on her because, while I need to send a message that my eyes are on her, I also want her to know that I’m willing to work with her.

I got up and hugged her.

She needs to know that she’s not just another name on a roster.

I think she does, for my class is where she runs to.

I will always treasure these words and the sweet child who spoke them.

One Response

  1. You have made an impression on this young woman.

    It made me remember an earlier post about Ms. M. She was right: you really ARE special.

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