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A Letter to Chicky On Her First Official Day of Teaching – You Were Meant to Be…

Dear Chicky,

Today is your first “official” day of teaching.

It is the day that you will finally meet the class that was created for you.

Although you didn’t sound too nervous on the phone yesterday afternoon, I’m sure you’re probably feeling butterflies even as I type this.

I think it’s really neat that, because I am only into my fourth year of teaching, I can easily relate to what you’re going through today…the anticipation…the hopes…the overwhelmingly long to-do list.

You have been prepared for this day by an incredible education.

You know so much more about the “how-to’s” of teaching than I did my first day.  Your students are fortunate, because I know that you won’t waste a second with bad lesson plans because all of your plans are going to be well thought out and based on research-based strategies.

If I can be real honest with you, though, teaching is about so much more than the “how-to’s.”

It’s about building relationships with your children…learning about them as individuals…understanding how their unique traits create a classroom personality that will be different each year you teach.

Cover your children in prayer daily, for you don’t know the homes they come from and the challenges they struggle with after they exit your room.

Build them up with positive words.  Those words will leave permanent impressions upon their hearts.

Remember that you will never be able to love them too much.

There’s simply no such thing.

I am so proud of you!

I am so thankful that those children were handpicked by the Lord to be in your classroom.

Those children will be changed.

Your life will be changed.

Get ready for the biggest roller coaster ride you’ve ever been on.

Hang on tight, don’t take their hurtful words (for they will come) too personally, and enjoy the ride, my precious Daughter.

Welcome to the world of teaching, where you receive far more than you give.


Mama ♥

One Response

  1. YES! A SCC Video! 🙂

    So proud of Chicky!!! I remember you talking about her in high school.. & now she’s teaching… how fast they grow!

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