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I Chose to Stay Home

This week is a big one at my school.

It’s Homecoming week.

We have functions every single day, and the kids are really hyped up.

I, however, am slap worn out, as we like to say in the South.

After spending fourteen hours in the car and an emotionally draining weekend, I needed the night off.


I chose to stay home.

Yes, that’s right.

This will serve as official documentation that I decided to come home, fix Rooster a sort-of-homemade dinner, shower early, and jump into my jammies.

Ok.  So maybe dinner wasn’t exactly homemade, but the word “Homestyle” gives me some brownie points, right?

Because I wasn’t at school on Friday, I got behind in my grading.

Hence, I stayed home, graded what needed to be graded, and posted nine week grades.

Teaching is a profession where we give up a lot of extra time…time that we don’t get paid for…to support the children we serve.

Sometimes, though, I think it’s okay to be selfish.

In fact, I think it’s necessary to prevent burnout and to get other things done.

Tonight I chose to stay home.

Even though I worked from home, I was still able to sit at the table with my precious son, who’s growing up too quickly, and have a few minutes to chat before he headed to his night class.

As this weekend with my girl should remind all of us, children grow up too quickly, and before parents have time to blink, the kiddos are out the door, on their own.

I think I need to choose to stay home a little more often, because this felt rather good.


3 Responses

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to just stay home. CH & YS LOVE that mac & cheese!

  2. It is not being selfish to care for your family and for yourself. Contrary to common belief, teachers are people, too.

  3. I agree with you 100%. Work will always be there, but our kids will not.

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