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Feeling Overwhelmed With Too Much to Teach

The work my students recently performed in class…

…resulted in summary paragraphs in which they cited evidence from the text…

After three days of grading, I’m finally finished and very, very tired.

I have found myself grumpy the last few days but more so since yesterday.

I’m beginning to feel the pressure of teaching three preps-in-one…reading, English, and writing.

My tenth graders will take the FCAT Writes test in February, and because District writing scores were low this past school year, a renewed effort is being made to help our students in this area.

Intensive Reading teachers have been tasked with multiple duties that include teaching writing.

Now, don’t get me wrong…writing is my thing, as is grammar.  However, I’m finding it challenging to fit everything into my planning.

I’m being creative, but I know I’m not where I need to be yet.

Honestly, these kids need a separate writing class that includes a lot of grammar instruction.

I’m trying to teach some of it, but with my focus primarily on reading strategies…a MUST because students have to pass FCAT to graduate…finding adequate time to teach specific writing skills is proving to be a daunting task.

Thank heavens that I adore my students, and that they are extremely forgiving.  Because they are tenth graders, they recognize the importance of the instruction I am providing.  They are quick to understand, however, when I start feeling grumpy.

They are feeling the pressure too as I work them hard each day, afraid to let one minute pass without instruction happening.

Do you want to guess how glad I am that Fall Break begins tomorrow?

I think we all need to step away from the classroom, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy the change in seasons.

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