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A Deliciously Evil Hodgepodge

Hey all!  Do you feel a crispness in the air?  It’s the perfect time of year…especially down here in Florida where we don’t get much of a break between seasons.  While I’m enjoying the weather, I’m also having fun playing along with the Hodgepodge.  Link up with Joyce if you want to join in too!

1.  The USA will mark Columbus Day this year on Monday, October 14th. What’s something you need or want to explore (literally or metaphorically speaking)?

Oh goodness, but this is difficult to answer!

I guess the teacher-nerd in me will answer this question by saying that I really need to explore TeachingChannel.org more.  This is a wonderful resource that has a lot of videos.  Each video has resources attached to it, and the teachers in the videos are great about responding to questions.  Finding the time to explore is the difficult part with everything I need to do for school.  Maybe this summer…

2.  The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, or Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty…who do you most love to hate?

Ursula rubs me the wrong way.  The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies, but Ursula just makes me nauseous.  She’s ugly to look at and her laugh really annoys me.

3.  Is open-mindedness a virtue?

As with anything, open-mindedness can be a virtue, or it can be a negative thing.  Being open-minded allows one to listen others’ opinions without judging.  However, I think you can be too open-minded to the point where you become a person who isn’t willing to draw a line in the sand as far as where you stand on issues.  Being wishy-washy is not, in my opinion, something to be admired.

4.  How often do you weigh yourself?

The only time I weigh myself is when I go to the doctor, which is once in a blue moon.  I don’t like scales because I already have mental issues about my body.  Stepping on a scale makes me not want to eat.  It’s best that I stay off of the scales.

5.  This question comes to you courtesy of Rebecca over at Making Memories, so thanks Rebecca!

Costa Rica was recently named the happiest country in the world on the Happy Planet Index. What’s the happiest country in the world to you, and what makes it so?

This is a tough question.  I won’t answer with the name of a particular country because I have only lived in the United States and have nothing to compare this to.  I’d say, though, that a happy country is one that treats all people fairly, allows people a true say in the running of the government, puts God first, and keeps the focus on individual accountability and integrity.  A moral country is a happy one for me.

6.  Besides The Bible, what is one book you think should be mandatory reading for high school students? Why?

One of the books that is very popular right now is 13 Reasons Why.  It tells the story of a young woman who records a set of thirteen cassette tapes that are to be listened to by a list of recipients.  Each tape explains how that one particular person played a role in her death.

It is a very, very sad book that stresses how important it is that we consider every single action we take and every single word we speak to another person.  The reader learns of how the smallest thing triggers a snowball of repercussions from which the young woman cannot recover her self dignity.

Teenagers need to read this book.  It will make them think twice about the way they treat their peers.

7.  I went shopping at some nearby outlets last week, and while I was there, I picked up a couple of Christmas gifts. How about you? Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

I let the Mr. pick up most of our gifts.  I only take care of my sister and my mom.  I wait until December to get those.  I hate shopping.  I don’t think there’s any need to rush.

8.  My Random Thought

Our Fall Break begins this Friday.  We will have Friday and Monday off.

I am more than a little excited; however, I plan on working from home.  I have my IPDP to do (part of my teacher evaluation), and I have one final assignment for my ESOL class.  I also need to create new seating arrangements for my students.  They are getting tired of their table mates.  You can bet, though, that I’ll be sleeping in and working in my pajamas.

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