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Sassy Shoes

Tuesday, there was an incident in my classroom (nothing uber serious) that led me to do some reflection on my classroom management procedures.

I consider myself a teacher who does have good classroom management skills; however, I began to feel as though my students were starting to slack off.

I didn’t entirely place the blame on them because I am their fearless leader and responsible for setting the tone of what is and what isn’t acceptable.

With this in mind, I decided to pull in the reins a bit and tighten things up.

The first order of business was dressing the part.

Now, you guys know how much I love shoes…especially my heels.

Take a look at what found their way out of my closet yesterday…

When I paired them with grey slacks, a dressy blouse, and some bling…well…I had the whole package together.

As my students approached my door, they said things like, “Mrs. AuburnChick, you’re all dressed up…” and “You’re taller…” and “I like those shoes…”

A strange thing happened afterward.

When I gave them the signal for attention, they listened…and continued to listen.

My second class, in particular, which is quite smart but oh so prone to chatter, was quiet as they completed their bellwork and silent reading.

There is a saying that “Clothes make the man.”

I think that this is partially true.

How I dressed yesterday affected my attitude, and that attitude, in turn, affected my students.

It was a very interesting thing to watch as it played out.

Although I haven’t been able to wear my heels much this year thanks to some bad blisters I got the first week of school, I am determined to figure out a blister-free way to keep them on.

Not only can I reach the top of the Smartboard, but I think I’m reaching my students in a different way…a more serious way.

It is definitely something to ponder on…

One Response

  1. The teacher’s attire can definitely set the tone for the classroom; however, you are brave to wear those heels a full day. My feet would be whimpering by noon. In fact, I always kept a pair of flats in a desk drawer for emergencies.

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