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Still the Same Old Hodgepodge

Hey guys!!  It’s time for another Hodgepodge!!!  Strap on your boots (seriously…it’s been raining so much here!!) and let’s get started!!

1.  What’s one thing that’s still the same about you as when you were young?

I am still a nerd.  One of my students made a comment the other day that I was a closet nerd.  My response?  “Honey, I’m a full-on nerd and proud to admit it!”  LOL!

I guess she said that because I had researched some random fact that I’d come across.

Yeah.  I’m like that.  I cannot even begin to imagine what I would have been like if the Internet had been around when I was growing up.

2.  What’s more important-history or science? Why?

Even though my first inclination was to answer with science, because of all of the medical advances, I’m going to go with with history.  As a Christian, passing down the story of Christ’s suffering on the cross has been integral to my salvation.  The Israelite people continue to pass down their history through their Jewish traditions.

Additionally, history provides us with perspective.  It shows us where we’ve been.  It shows us the mistakes we’ve made.  It has the potential to keep us from repeating those mistakes, although we are a stubborn people bent on doing our own thing.

There is much I could say, but I don’t want to get long-winded, as I’m prone to do.

3.  Lima, kidney, string, garbanzo, black or pinto-your favorite bean?

Oh yay!  This is a question that I, a vegan, can really sink my teeth into!  I really like garbanzo beans; however, black beans are my favorite!  I love black bean burgers, black bean soup…you name it, and I’m all over it!!!!

4.  What’s something people come to your town to do?

There are two things that people come to my city to do.  The first is to visit the beach.  We have some of the prettiest beaches in Florida and, dare I say it, the country.

The other thing that people come to my town to do is participate in the two biking weekends we sponsor.  Those are very loud times, let me tell you, but they are good for the local economy.

5.  When was the last time you were in a meeting? Sum it up for us in five words or less.

By the time you are reading this, unless you are a night owl (I schedule my posts to go active around 12:15am), I will have already sat through a faculty meeting.  How to sum it up…hmmm…

Time away from my desk.

Sorry, but I don’t like meetings…of any sort.

6.  What special event would you like a VIP pass to attend?

I would love a VIP pass to attend a Dancing With the Stars finale!!!!!  Duh!!!  heehee

My plan is this:  I go to the event.  I hob nob with the powers-that-be.  They ask me what I do for a living.  I charm them with my wit and charismatic personality.  They invite me as a contestant.  I dance with a cute partner who is uber-patient with my two left feet.  I wear sparkles.  I get toned.  I write a book.  I get even more famous.  I spend the rest of my working days knitting and writing while holed up in a bungalow on an Hawaiian beach, loved ones close by.

When you give a mouse a cookie…

7.  What’s one piece of advice you’d give a writer?

Don’t take your audience for a fool.

As a teacher of struggling readers, I find that sometimes, people underestimate my students’ intelligence.  They want good books that they can relate to!  Fortunately, there are some seriously talented young adult writers out there, but we need MORE!!!

8.  My Random Thought

I shared the following picture with my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook friends, but I thought I’d post it here anyhow.

Look at the lamps I picked up at Target!  They were on clearance, marked down to below $6 from around $17 each.  I’m going to put them in my classroom.  I always turn off one set of my fluorescent lights to help keep the kids from getting headaches, but then it’s a little dark.  I’m slowly purchasing lamps, which really add a comfortable ambiance in the room and make it feel even more homey!

9 Responses

  1. Oh Dancing the Stars would be a great VIP ticket. We love the show although we tape it and watch it later so I am an episode behind.

  2. Not big on garbanzo beans…although I love hummus. I love me some black beans. Especially black beans and rice….or soup. Have a great day.

  3. High Five from a fellow nerd 🙂 Black beans are my favorite as well! And Target clearance is one of my all time favorite things! Such great deals!! Happy Wednesday!

  4. Yup. Nerds rule. And they are BEAST on Trivial Pursuit… 😉

  5. Your #1 made me laugh. Then your #2 proved it. 🙂 (Just kidding!)

    The lamps are cute but I’m glad I’m not a student there (although I would love having you for a teacher). I have to have bright light. I physically feel a difference when an overhead light is turned on. I’m weird (and wired!) that way!

  6. I hadn’t thought of Dancing With The Stars! (We have it as Strictly Come Dancing here in the UK) but I’d LOVE to get an all areas VIP pass to see the finale. All those sequins….all those waxed and buffed pecs….oh wow, yes please!

  7. When you give a mouse a cookie-ha! That was great : )

  8. Pretty lamps! I am not a fan of fluorescent lights. I had the same feelings about history and wholeheartedly with your thoughts on beans:)

  9. I love your DWTS VIP dream! Sure…it could happen….

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