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Pele Goes to the Vet

Saturday morning, I got up with a mission in mind…take Pele for his annual shots.

There is a vet’s office in town that sets aside Saturdays, from 11-2, for lower-discount shots.  With three dogs in the house, I can use this discount.

Pele didn’t have a clue what he was in for, as his face shows…

When I told him we were going for a ride, he ran to the car…

Do you see how he’s looking at me?  He needed my help getting in the car…even though I’ve seen him jump in before.

No, I can’t wait him out, because he will stand there forever.

All 85 pounds of him has to be lifted up into the car every time we go anywhere.  Ugh.

We ran an errand before going to the vet.  The ride was beautiful, and he seemed to enjoy himself…

That was the fun part.  Once we got to the vet’s office, the fun ended.  Pele is massive, so when he gets curious, like in an office full of other furry babies, he pulls hard to go visit.  There seemed to be a bajillion other dogs there for the same reason.  Note to self:  Wait until 12 next time so the office clears out a bit.

It was finally our turn to go into a room, and Pele truly was not happy.  He kept staring at the door knob and pawing at the door.  It was obvious that he wanted out.

Three shots later, along with a set of clipped nails, we were out the door.

He was somewhat annoyed with me and exhausted too.  This is the look he gave me when we got home…

All was forgiven as soon as I placed his dinner in front of him later that night (the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach).

We’re good to go for another year.  Thank heavens!


2 Responses

  1. Poor baby! Our dogs hate going to the vet, too, especially, Bella, our Shih-Tzu. She can sense it from the moment we get in the car. When we arrive, she begins shaking like a leaf on a tree! Like you, I’m thankful we have to deal with it only once a year…and I’m guessing they are, too!

  2. Our dogs, when we go for a ride, they tense up just driving past the vet’s office… how they know its there blows my mind. I think they can smell it miles away.

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