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A Yarn Treat

I received the new Knit Picks catalog in the mail early this past week, and as I flipped through the pages, my attention was drawn to one kit in particular…

That, my friends, is the Heartwarming Stocking Kit.

Oh word, but I just knew I had to have it.  The Mr. once asked if I would knit some stockings for the house, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity…especially since the kit was on sale.

I ordered it, and my box arrived today…

I eagerly dug in…

Isn’t it pretty?

Take a look at what you see when you turn the bag over…

Oh, yarny goodness!!!!

I didn’t dare open the plastic wrap to touch the yarn in fear of totally losing my wits and forgetting that I had lesson plans to write.

The plans have been finished, and I have one day of fun before the week begins (along with another ESOL class).

I have decided to play with yarn on Sunday.

No, I will not cast on, because I have two other projects going.  However, I will cradle the yarn tenderly, loving on it…holding it close to my face…dreaming of when I can put the first stitches on my needles.

The colorwork scares me, but I’ve got some time to get over my fears.

I have much to do in the way of real life work and such.

Still, the joy from the yarn treat, though a bit frivolous, will linger, giving me something to look forward to when things slow down.

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