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Tough Week

This has been a very tough week in many respects.

Work has been extremely hectic.

My house is a wreck.

My nerves are stretched to their breaking point.

Chicky’s appointment with the trainer was somewhat inconclusive.  She will be seeing a doctor in the morning and getting an X-ray.  Depending on the results, she may or may not get an MRI.

We still have hope for that knee and are praying that God intervenes.

Please keep her lifted in your prayers.

Please pray that the internal swelling, tightness, and pain disappear.

Chicky is trying to be strong, and I am so proud of her.

In her core, she is a fighter…one of the toughest young ladies I have ever known.

Trust can be difficult, though, when you’re challenged in a vulnerable area.

God is good, and we know that His plans are perfect.

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