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Chicky Meets Some 4th Graders

Today, Chicky will help welcome an eager group of fourth grade students to the classroom she will be student-teaching in until December.

She called me yesterday to tell me how well the pre-planning had gone.

She was originally supposed to work with a third grade teacher and had, in fact, been in contact with the teacher before the college term ended in May.  However, the teacher decided to retire a year earlier than originally planned, and Chicky was assigned to a different teacher.

As Chicky shared details about the new teacher, she prefaced by saying that God’s hand was evident in the recent turn of events.

The veteran teacher played softball at another college in Lakeland, so she understands the demands of balancing a sports commitment with student teaching.

The teacher is very laid back and seems to be one of the few not stressing about Common Core standards.  Her style of teaching appeals to Chicky because this is how she wants to be as well.

The veteran teacher also appreciates that Chicky has an in-depth knowledge of reading inventories, diagnostic testing, and Common Core standards.

Southeastern has prepared my girl well, and it looks as though she will be teaching lessons much earlier in her internship than she’d thought.  She is thrilled at the confidence the veteran teacher has shown in her abilities.

Chicky will be working in a Title 1 school…not a first for her, but every experience helps.  She will have the privilege of helping prepare students to take the FCAT Writes exam.  It is given to 4th, 8th, and 10th grade students in Florida.  I find it ironic that I will be teaching 10th graders and preparing them for the same exam.  I’d love to pick up some tips from my girl.

I continue to be amazed at her fortitude and her ability to juggle her hectic schedule.

Good luck today, my sweet Chicky!

I know you are going to touch lives from the moment those little ones enter your room.

I know that they are going to touch your life, and that you will never be the same after your tenure in this room ends.

I love you more than…well…anything (including my vegan desserts)!

You are precious, and I am so humbled by the way you continue to serve God and bring Him glory through the use of the talents He has blessed you with.

Love you forever…



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