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School Spirit

Friday night, I stayed up until 2am working on documents that I will use all year to keep track of everything from attendance to FCAT scores to birthdays.

I also sent a couple of emails to parents, disproving the long-held assumption that high school teachers don’t communicate with parents.

After a mere seven hours of sleep, I got up Saturday morning and headed back to my classroom…but not before eating a piece of pie for breakfast. I woke up thinking about this pie, let me tell you.  It’s THAT delicious (recipe in the book Vegan Pie in the Sky).

I braved very bad weather on my way to school.  We have had so much rain that if God had not promised that He would never destroy the earth with a flood again, I’d think we were experiencing the end times…

You should have seen the pictures my friends were posting.  Trust me.  You were safer where you were.

I pulled right onto our school walkway, under the awning, so I wouldn’t get wet on my way to my building…

You can see the corner of Barb’s car just ahead.  She’s a glutton for punishment too.

Actually, she was waiting for our newest reading teacher to arrive so she could let her into the building to begin the difficult work of getting her classroom settled…with three days left before school begins on Tuesday (the teacher got hired late Thursday/early Friday).

I worked until 3pm and headed home.

To say it’s been a busy few days would be an understatement, which is why I needed some “me” time…in the form of nail treatment.

I met my friends, Barb and Blythe, at our favorite salon.

I took a plate of lemon bars to share with the nail techs.  They are very sweet gals who take great care with their craft.

Barb and I played on Pinterest before settling on our nail designs.

Here is what I got…colors that speak of my love for the school I teach at…

My toes had to match, so I got a polish change and a bit of artwork on them as well…

With my nails all prettied up, I think I can finally begin the task of committing my lesson plans to paper, in electronic format.  Once I get that done, I’ll be ready to welcome my new charges into my room.

One Response

  1. Nothing like getting your nails done to get you excited about seeing all of those faces next week! 🙂

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