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AuburnChick Wants a New Car

My car has been paid off for almost two years.

Although my family often calls it the Crap Car (we traded in a Durango for this one…a major step down…to save money on gas), it has taken us on many, many trips.

I’ve been to soccer tournaments all over Florida and the Southeast.

I’ve moved children back and forth to college quite a few times.

So far, I’ve accumulated over 161,000 miles.

It’s been a good car, except for the crappy radio, until recently.

A few months ago, the engine had to be nearly rebuilt.  It was cheaper to put more money into this car than buy a new one.

Out of loyalty to this car, and because my finances aren’t exactly overflowing right now, I’ve tried hard not to start drooling over other cars.

That changed last week when I rented a vehicle to drive home from Chicky’s college.

I was fortunate to be teamed up with a Chevy Equinox…

From the moment I sat down in this vehicle, I was in major love.

For a tech-savvy gal like me, the dashboard captured my heart…

It took me fewer than five minutes to figure out how to sync my iPhone with the car.

Oh my!

I tested out the hands-free calling.

Oh my!

The people I called could hear me without any problems, and I could hear them as easily as if they were sitting beside me!

I had only driven a few miles on the interstate when I knew that this was a relationship I wanted to pursue further.

The ride was smooth as alpaca yarn.

Oh my.

The Equinox was so roomy without being too big.  It’s only got one row of back seats, but each seat had enough leg room to accommodate a person of any size.

There were many features I fell in love with.

One thing I love about this vehicle is the rear camera, which displays what’s behind the car as soon as it’s put into reverse…

I had a lot of fun playing with the buttons on the console.  One neat feature is the mph readout, which allows the driver to see what kind of gas mileage one is getting…

Another feature that I really liked when I drove this car was the small mirrors imbedded into the side mirrors.  They allowed me to see things that are typically in my blind spots.  This helped me tremendously as I made the seven-hour trek home.

It was with great reluctance that I returned this vehicle to Budget Car Rental.

Thanks to a much-needed but uber-expensive home repair, my dreams will have to remain just that.

One day, after all of the students loans and credit cards have been paid off, I will own my dream car.

Unless I win the lottery first.

One Response

  1. The ride was smooth as alpaca yarn. … that made me laugh! 🙂

    The bells & whistles in cars nowadays is crazy, isn’t it? Like a car from the future… but lo, my bank account says, stay used to crank windows 🙂

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