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Who’s on the Throne?

Today in church, Tom resumed his Bible Story Remix by using the story of Goliath to point out deeper truths.

Today’s message was about how we are our own worst enemies, and how we do ourselves in when we sit on the throne of our lives instead of allowing God to reign there.

As an overachiever and a control freak, I identified with this…a lot.

As in the story of Goliath, Saul did himself in by refusing to acknowledge that he was not God’s chosen one to lead Israel.  His determination to sit on his own thrown, literally and figuratively, eventually led to his demise and the crowning of David, God’s handpicked successor.

It can be so difficult to reprogram our thinking, can’t it?

As a mother, I am in charge of my home.

As a teacher, I am the queen of my “Queendom,” as I like to tell my students.

Am I really, though?

It seems that it is when I forget “Who’s” really in charge, that I lose complete control…things overwhelm me, and I go into fight or flight mode…unhealthy responses.

I need to see these responses as reminders that I’ve displaced God…that I need to seek His forgiveness and take a backseat to His leadership.

It’s kind of funny, but the song that started going through my head as Tom preached was, Who is the King of the Jungle.

This song was on a children’s video we owned many years ago, and my kids and I used to sing it all the time.

Although a bit childish in nature, it speaks of great truth…a truth I would do well to imprint upon my heart.

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