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Still Miss Her So

It’s been a little over two months since we lost Aubie.

She’s never far from our minds as things the other dogs do remind us of her and her quirky mannerisms.

I have my Macbook Pro desktop set to rotate through the pictures I’ve saved on my computer, and this one popped up the other evening.

Pele was a wee thing at the time.  He’s nearly 100 pounds now.

A couple of things about this picture touch me.

First, look at how small Aubie was on that bed.  It’s ironic that Pele would later be the one to lay across it because he would quickly outgrow the smaller one.

I also noticed that we had pushed their beds close together so he could be near to her at all times.

Pele loved Aubie and followed her everywhere.

There was, quite literally, a bounce in his step when she entered the room, and his ears would flop as he trotted after her.

She was his mama, and he worshiped the ground she walked on.

Sometimes I think he still misses her.  He gets a sad look on his face that no amount of loving can take away.

We miss her too, and the tears come unbidden when we least expect them.

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