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Patriotic Hodgepodge

Joyce’s Hodgepodge is abounding with red, white, and blue!  As always, I love these questions because they allow me to share things about myself that I normally wouldn’t.  I also love reading others’ responses.  Now, it’s time for the questions!

1.  What’s one simple small pleasure on your summer ‘to-do’ list?

Honestly, I think I have managed to indulge in the pleasurable activities I had on my list.  As a teacher, I look forward to the summer break.  This one has been especially rewarding because I have fully embraced the time off, done very little work, and have made no apologies for it.

One of my small pleasures has been daily nap time.  By 2pm, I’m ready, no matter what time I have gotten out of bed.  I sleep anywhere from thirty minutes to a couple of hours.  Of course, I am staying up until 2am and getting up between 7:30 and 9.

My body was worn out.  Teaching isn’t necessarily physically demanding; however, it is mentally challenging.  The break is going swimmingly!

2.  Do you have strong feelings or opinions regarding the immigration debate in your home country? Feel free to share your thoughts, but please play nice.

I can’t say that I have strong feelings about the immigration issues our nation is facing.  I do, however, struggle with the thought that my tax dollars are paying for people, not just immigrants, who contribute little to nothing for the services that I pay thousands of dollars for.  This just does not seem fair.

I am glad that our country is known as one of acceptance where people can come after escaping persecution elsewhere.  We have a responsibility to embrace those in need.

3.  What’s something in your home or wardrobe that could be described as ‘star spangled’?

Well, hmmm…I have a blue dress, but it doesn’t have red or white on it.  I don’t really have anything with all three colors or worthy of being called “star-spangled.”

4.  Is your house set up for a party?

I do not consider my home the perfect set up for a party.  I do have a dining room table that can seat eight.  I also have a round kitchen table and bar counter top that extends from the sink.  My screened in porch needs some work…tile specifically.  It also needs furniture.  The Mr. is in the process of acquiring a grill…a present from his parents.  Entertaining certainly isn’t a priority.  That would require cooking.  And cleaning.

I think I need a nap at the thought.

5.  What one never-before-visited city in America, would you most like to see?

Tough question!!!  I am a history buff and would love to visit a couple of places…Boston and Philadelphia.  I have seen quite a few places in America, but I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting these historic cities.

Oh, and for fun, I’ll throw in Maui.  Hey!  What can I say?  A trip to Hawaii would be amazing!

6.  Your favorite red food? White food? Blue food?

Red – Tomatoes
White – Tofu
Blue – I read that there aren’t any truly “blue” foods.  I’m not a fan of blueberries either.  I guess I’ll have to leave this question halfway unanswered.

7.  What freedom do you value the most, and why?

I value my right to say the name of Jesus and worship Him.  Many countries punish Christians for even reading their Bibles in public.  People have to worship in secret.  Christians are being persecuted in so many ways around the world.  This is so sad.  I really hope that, despite the way our country’s politics are going of late, Christians in this country will not be denied the rights our founders laid out.

8.  My Random Thought

Along the lines of relaxing this summer, I thought I’d share a photo of my latest find.  Chicky was bored a couple of days ago, so we headed out to a few stores.  I’ve been looking for some long dresses, but I’m so petite that nothing fits properly.

I found the following dresses at TJ Maxx for a scant $16.99 each.  Chicky tried one on and liked the fit as well.  I bought her a dress in a different pattern.

I know I can pair these dresses with coordinating sweaters, thus covering my shoulders, and keeping them student friendly.

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