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See Ya Soon, Cali Girl

Chicky’s puppy, Cali, has been staying with us since Chicky came home in May.

Chicky and one of her roommates adopted Cali nearly a year ago, and we have treasured her visits.

Having her here for over a month has been a lot of fun.

It only took a couple of days to train her to not attack her food bowl.  Now, she sits patiently and won’t eat until we give her the command.

She rules the house from her perch on the couch…

But now, it’s time for her to go back down south.  Chicky is taking her to her roommate’s parents’ house, where her roommate is spending the summer.  “K” will keep Cali for the rest of the summer, and Cali will live with the girls when they move into their off-campus housing in August.

I will miss this sweet puppy.  She has so much personality, and she’s incredibly smart.

She has livened up our home through her crazy antics.

Gambit is going to miss his playmate too…

I’ll miss my snuggle buddy…it didn’t take her long to get used to sleeping with me…giving Chicky’s allergies a break…

Safe travels, sweet girl.  I’ll see you soon.  Like any grandma, I’ll probably take a surprise down to you the next time I’m down your way!

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